Who is best for being your friend?

Four people know you at the same time, chatting with you in different poses, and who you will be friends with:

  1. Eyes look directly at you, people with high heads
  2. One hand across the chest, one hand touching the nose
  3. Hands crossed the chest, feet also crossed the standing person
  4. Hands behind the back, body facing you

Test results:

  1. If you like to be friends with such people, you are suggesting that you are a person who needs security or does not want to show off. Because you choose this person, he will look directly at you, indicating that you are very concerned about you, or you may use your eyes to look at you. In short, he is going to press you, although it is a friend on the surface, but from a psychological point of view, he is the one who dominates you. Therefore, you like to be friends with him, you can say that you like to be dominated.
  2. You may be born to be dull, you will be friends with people, even friends who do not know. The person you choose is a very smart and thoughtful person. His hand crossed his chest to show that he did not dare to meet with you honestly. His hand touched the nose to show that he was trying to lie to you.
  3. You are a person who likes to take care of others. It is also a person who has no heart. He likes to make friends with honest and honest people. Your instincts will tell you who you should choose, and you will feel that this person is an honest person.
  4. Your choice means that you want to have a candid friend. Because he will put his hand behind his back, indicating that he is not prepared for you. This practice of giving the front chest to others shows that the other party is sincere.