Survival tactics in a PPC conference

Most of us look forward to attending SEO conferences. This is because we understand how SEOs are vital to growing our businesses. You can meet some CEO celebrities, peers as well as potential clients. These are, however, not casual meetings that you should take lightly. It is your chance to learn great SEO strategies.  Meeting new faces and interacting with them can cause anxiety. You, therefore, need the following survival tactics to help you maximize your time in a PPC conference.


You probably know of some peers who will be part of the conference. Think about your socialization skills and prepare how to handle people you may know and those you don’t know. Google some influential people who are likely to attend so that you can have some knowledge about them.

Try to blend in

Ensure that you dress accordingly to blend in well for the occasion. Purpose to stand out from the rest by maintaining a unique professional look. Your appearance should be welcoming to anyone who wants to start a conversation. It also helps you gain the confidence to interact with potential clients.

Observe time

Ensure that you get accommodation near the conference. For instance, if you are attending the London conference, there are numerous hotels you can choose from near the venue. This will help you get punctual to secure comfortable seating positions at the front.

You should also observe self-care during the conference. After all the time you use learning new skills, you should spare some time for yourself. Spend some quality time working without interruptions in a secluded area.

Be yourself

Whether you are a speaker or a guest at the SEO conference, you should always act naturally. It is normal not to have all the answers to questions since no one is perfect. Do not give inaccurate information to look good in people’s eyes if you don’t have facts.

Being yourself helps you earn trust among potential clients since it reveals your real personality to others. Avoid being rude to people who may try to oppose your viewpoint or correct you. Remember that people do not forget easily and you may meet at another conference in the future.

Bring along important items

You should never travel without some items in an SEO conference. Business cards, for example, can help you market your company to potential clients. A notebook will come in handy to help you note down critical key points when you are not typing.

Your laptop should always be with you and don’t forget a power cable. Sometimes, headache tablets can save from you from a long tiring sessions. Get a digital camera to take photos and include the right lens to capture high-quality photos.

Asking questions

You probably have put together some questions that you need to be addressed by different speakers. Try to be considerate in how you ask them. Direct most of the questions online so that other attendees don’t get bored with your long list. You can always approach speakers after the session for further clarity.