Ideas to design covers

After having listed these advantages, I now want to give you ideas to know how to design them. To begin, we will answer the question: what do I put on my covers? You have several options that you can choose according to what suits you or suits you.

1. Write the post holder

2. Write an excerpt from your post that completes the headline

3. Write a different version of your headline so that it doesn’t seem repetitive, since this image will almost always is accompanied by the headline. As you can see, I have chosen the first option, because it is the most comfortable. But I do not hide that more than once I have thought about changing strategy. My problem is that I have very little time. So this is a pending task for later in my case.

 You can also decide whether to accompany this phrase with a photo or only with graphic resources, such as shapes and colors. This is a decision that you will have to make based on your brand image, what you want to communicate to your audience. In my case I have chosen to use photos (almost) always taken by me, and that have some relevance with the post I am going to talk about, accompanied by the headline. car cover

I have chosen not to complicate my life with colors, since as you can see in my corporate identity; white and black am very prevalent, accompanied by brushstrokes of yellow. That is why I chose to use a white rectangle and the same typeface with which I designed my logo. Simple and without too many complications. Improvable? Yes of course. But for the moment it seems to me that there is quite a result in the whole set.


After talking about my experience and the options you have at your disposal, the time has come to see how these rules are put into practice, through the covers of the best Spanish and American bloggers. It’s the best way you can get inspired: learn from the best! This cover is from the Elle & Company blog. Its covers are always vertical, with plain colored backgrounds and with fonts that are very important.

This is a cover of the Easy and Simple blog. Its template consists of a photo and the owner of the post on a white box. It also includes the category and URL of your page. It is one of the few Spanish blogs that bet on using the covers in vertical. Cover of the blog Hello Brio. Its covers are vertical, widely shared on Interest, with colors, illustrations and fonts. Cover of the blog Three Feelings. Another of the few Spanish blogs that bet on the vertical format.

This cover is very graphic, with shapes, icons and colors. Three Feelings guys don’t usually use the same template for all posts, but they still have a lot of consistency with each other. In Susana Torralbo’s blog the covers have as their protagonists their colorful and bright photos. In her blog Susana, like Laura de Three Feelings, she never uses the same design template. But by always using your photos that have a very careful and recognizable aesthetic, the designs of the covers of your blog have a lot of unity as a whole.

This is one of the covers of Samu Parra’s blog . What distinguishes them from others is that they never use the headline, if not a phrase that reinforces it. And also usually use a blue layer over the photos. It has the advantage that they are very recognizable and whenever you find a cover of this style, you will know that they come from Samu’s blog.

And finally, this is the cover of the blog of Divan Danielle, a blogger of design and entrepreneurship in the United States, which unlike her companions and compatriots, is committed to this horizontal format. The structure is the same on all the covers: photo on the left, and title of the post on the right on a pastel background and accompanied by the URL of the blog. I hope these ideas have inspired you and made you want to get down working to finally take care of your brand through every post you publish.

PS: As you can see, in this post I have broken one of my design rules: that the images are wide. I tried to put several covers in the same image to have all the same size, but since they have different proportions it was quite complicated. And since I didn’t want to alter the original design of these covers, I have decided to leave them as is, despite their different sizes. What I intend is to give you many resources so you don’t have any more excuses to postpone this task with your blog.

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