5 ways to make more money from your agency in 2019

It’s hard to believe that we’re already a third through 2019 – the months seem to go by so quickly. If you run a digital agency and want to unlock more sales and revenue from your clients and new leads, then there are lots of ways to do so. Perhaps that was your goal for the year, but for whatever reason, you’ve been unable to do so. Well, fear not: below, we’ve put together some of the very best ways to make more money from your agency in 2019…

Resell services

It’s very easy to offer too many services to capture the attention of your clients from day one, but delivering on those promises is another story. One way that you can unlock new revenue streams from clients is to resell social media management from an agency like 99social. Not only does this take the pressure out of running your own business, but it allows you to make guaranteed, residual income from clients and do very little work. Simply sign them up and hand over the responsibility to another company. In no time at all, you’ll be making a fortune.


Do you really need a city-centre office if you’re a small business with a handful of clients? If you want to find ways to cut costs and increase profits, then downsizing to a smaller office is a sensible idea, particularly if you’re a small team. Alternatively, consider telecommuting and allowing staff to work from home – it saves you money and them time, resulting in higher job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover rate, cutting recruitment and hiring costs.

Introduce a referral scheme

Want to find new clients but don’t have the time or the budget to do so? Introduce a referral scheme to your business and watch new clients and referrals roll in every month. You could offer existing clients a free period or discount if they refer a friend, and give bloggers a monthly cut of any revenue you make from leads they generate. Straightforward and simple, but you should remember that competition is tight and that your offer should be compelling.

Outsource work

Spending too much money on staff? Consider outsourcing some tasks that don’t need a full or part-time member of staff, like accounting and recruitment. Initially, it may seem like you are throwing money down the drain, but streamlining your team makes you more resilient and agile. Experiment with different setups to see which delivers the best return.

Upsell additional products

Finally, consider adding new product lines to your digital agency, like software, live chat, or customer service. The more services you can offer to businesses, the more likely they are to stick with you, rather than work with multiple agencies. But at the same time, remember not to overstretch yourself – there is no point in offering web design services if you’re not a web developer, as you’ll have to hire someone or outsource and risk damaging your reputation.

There are so many ways to make more money from your agency in 2019. We hope that these tips and tricks have given you some food for thought, and help you make better business decisions. Get out there, work hard, and the success will come to you. Good luck.